Photo of Anney Ye

Anney Ye

Vice Chair active 2021-present

A sophomore majoring in CS and Biophysics. Loves cats, have raised sea urchins, and is currently learning how to breed fruit flies ;)


Aprina Wang

active 2022-present

Camera shy CS sophmore who enjoys art, music, and reading :)

Photo of Chiamaka Anaemeribe

Chiamaka Anaemeribe

active 2020-present

CS junior minoring in E&M with an interest in Robotics; Loves playing with her two cats.

Photo of Daya Lu

Daya Lu

active 2016-2020

CS junior interested in front-end and design; obsessed with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, pop music, and sweets.

Photo of Josephine Deng

Josephine Deng

active 2022-present

CS freshman who adores cats but is allergic. Loves digital painting, visiting art museums, and baking apple pie.

Photo of Minseo Park

Minseo Park

Events Chair active 2022-present

CS freshman interested in bioinformatics. Loves hiking, lofi music, and sunsets from Malone.


Muxi Lyu



Photo of Shreya Wadhwa

Shreya Wadhwa

Chair active 2020-present

CS and Cog Sci junior, currently discovering her love for ‘Vision’ research. Eats pizza obsessively and loves to write and doodle :)

Photo of Sola Oladosu

Sola Oladosu

active 2022-present

Freshman majoring in CS. Loves drawing, reading, cooking, video games, and being outdoors.


Stella Huo

Secretary active 2022-present

Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. Loves playing Pipa and eating fruits.

Photo of Ujvala Pradeep

Ujvala Pradeep

Treasurer active 2022-present

Junior majoring in CS and Cognitive Science. Loves drawing, swimming, playing chess, and listening to music!

Past Members

Photo of Aditi Sen

Aditi Sen

Chair alum 2018-2022

CS + AMS senior obsessed with murder mysteries. Loves ice cream, Thai food, and traveling!

Photo of Adriana Donis Noriega

Adriana Donis Noriega

Vice Chair alum 2015-2018

Adriana is a senior computer science major. She loves pink and ice cream. Favorite coding language: Python. #teamVim

Photo of Alex Chaulot

Alex Chaulot

alum 2018-2019

Alex was a Junior CS Student and the Systems Administrator of the ACM. Enjoys Pasta and anything Cyber Security.

Photo of Amber Zhou

Amber Zhou

alum 2018-2019

CS freshman (AMS double major, E&M, CM, and German minor); plays zither and loves dancing.

Photo of Andrew Rojas

Andrew Rojas

alum 2017-2020

Chair of ACM, apple eater, bad cook. West coast === best coast

Photo of Aubin Lohier

Aubin Lohier

alum 2017-2021

CS sophomore, from NYC (QUEENS); enjoys Java, coffee, and not burning his kitchen down when he cooks.

Photo of Bill Watson

Bill Watson

alum 2018-2019

No longer being shipped as an absolute unit.

Photo of Camila Camacho

Camila Camacho

alum 2016-2020

Camila was the vice chair of ACM and works for the Hopkins IT department on JaySquad.

Photo of Cindy Ge

Cindy Ge

Secretary alum 2016-2020

Avid lover of dogs, korean bbq, and long walks on the beach.

Photo of Claudia Moncaliano

Claudia Moncaliano

Chair alum 2016-2020

Exploring CS through projects, Python, and puns. #rushCS

Photo of Coco Li

Coco Li

alum 2018-2019

Coco is a junior studying cognitive science and computer science; can be easily made happy with food.

Photo of Dorothy Hu

Dorothy Hu

Vice Chair alum 2016-2020

Computer Science Combined BS/MS student at Johns Hopkins, expected to graduate in May 2020.

Photo of Evonne Zhu

Evonne Zhu

alum 2016-2020

Evonne is a junior majoring in Computer Science with minors in Music and Film & Media Studies.

Photo of Gabe Villasana

Gabe Villasana

alum 2018-2020

CS & AMS; love pinto beans, but not a big fan of PintOS; Drive is the best movie of 2k11.

Photo of Jonghae Lee

Jonghae Lee

alum 2018-2019

Jonghae is a Computer Science junior. She likes to bake!! Try giving her new baking challenges.

Photo of Julia Oppenheim

Julia Oppenheim

alum 2016-2020

Junior studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science; passionate about education and avoiding gluten.

Photo of Kristin Yim

Kristin Yim

alum 2016-2020

Junior CS major who loves strawberries.

Photo of Mia Boloix

Mia Boloix

alum 2017-2021

Sophomore CS/Math double major; enjoys all things vegan & is most definitely #teamVim.

Photo of Nancy Wang

Nancy Wang

alum 2016-2020

CS/Econ junior; interested in bridging people + societal barriers. Mostly likes random walks and mangoes.

Photo of Rena Liu

Rena Liu

Vice Chair alum 2018-2022

CS & Social Policy senior currently curious about tech for social impact! Talk to me about composting, chai, and exploring Baltimore.

Photo of Sara Weill

Sara Weill

Chair alum 2018-2021

Sara is a CS/CE double major interested in cybersecurity; enjoys volunteering locally with APO.

Photo of Sharmila Tamby

Sharmila Tamby

alum 2018-2019

Masters student studying Computer Science; interested in the health tech industry; also loves learning new languages (both coding and natural!)

Photo of Tony Yang

Tony Yang

alum 2018-2020

Junior studying CS with an interest in networks; involved in oSTEM and local volunteering; enjoys cooking and is willing to try any food at least once.

Photo of Trisha Pakkala

Trisha Pakkala

alum 2022

Junior majoring in Computer Engineering. Love singing with my acapella team (but especially in the shower) and avocado toast :)

Photo of Vivian Tsai

Vivian Tsai

Chair alum 2015-2019

Currently obsessed with parchment paper with grid lines; the card game Set; and literary candles.